Be Prepared

REESE® Secure’s line of vehicle recovery accessories prepare you for any difficult recovery situation. All of our vehicle recovery products have been field tested by those who earn their living getting motorists out of ditches, mud, sand and snow.

Available in a variety of widths, lengths and capacities, you can position and pull any vehicle safely and easily out of a bad situation with our tow straps, tow ropes and tow hooks.

REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

See our Tow Straps, Tow Ropes and Tow Hooks.

Tow Straps

Tow straps are vehicle recovery straps, designed to free stuck automobiles, ATV’s or tractors. REESE® Secure manufactures premium tow straps in a variety of widths, lengths and load capabilities. Made with heavy duty webbing, they come in 2”, 3” and 4” widths and feature either loops or zinc-plated forged hooks on the ends. REESE® Secure tow straps can handle loads ranging from 3,330 to 11,333 pounds. Remember, tow straps are for recovery purposes only. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.


Tow Ropes

Tow Ropes Pull Stuck Vehicles to Solid Ground. Your vehicle isn’t always invincible. Even the most prepared off-roaders can find themselves stuck in the mud and spinning their wheels. That’s why tow ropes are a must-have in every emergency kit. REESE® Secure manufactures 14’ to 50’ tow ropes crafted with high quality polypropylene braided rope. Featuring rust-resistant zinc plated hooks; they can haul up to 2,267 pounds, making them perfect for rescuing a smaller cars, equipment or ATV’s .REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

Tow Hooks

Prepare for Emergencies by Installing Tow Hooks. We’ve all witnessed that distressed vehicle, spinning its wheels in the mud, trying to get back on solid ground. Prepare for emergencies by bolting tow hooks to your truck’s frame and/or receiver. Tow hooks allow your vehicle to be rescued and allow you to rescue another vehicle. Used in tandem with recovery straps, chains or ropes, they provide a secure way to bring a troubled vehicle to safer, more drivable ground. REESE® Secure manufactures chrome and forged black tow hooks, built tough to pull up to 10,000 pounds. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

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