Make Towing a Trailer as Safe as Possible

REESE® Towpower manufactures towing and trailering accessories that securely attach your trailer to your vehicle, keep it balanced and level, and brake, without incident.  We’re dedicated to making sure you and your cargo arrive safely at your destination.  Every REESE® accessory is designed to withstand the rigorous forces of hauling and continues to be the first choice among professionals. 

REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!

See our Trailer Couplers , Trailer Jacks, Trailer Winches, and Trailer Braking.

Trailer Couplers

Ensure the Right Connection of Your Vehicle and Trailer. No matter what you’re hauling, the last thing you want is to brake suddenly and have your trailer unhitch, creating a perilous situation for the cars behind you. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right trailer coupler. REESE® Towpower manufactures A-frame couplers and straight-tongue couplers to secure your trailer. The model you choose must be the right size, but also able to accommodate the weight of your trailer and all of its contents. Once the right coupler is seated on your hitch ball, a spring-loaded latch locks the two pieces together. REESE® Towpower couplers can accommodate anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 pounds. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Trailer Jacks

Built to Last. A trailer jack raises and lowers your trailer so you can connect and disconnect the coupler from the ball on your hitch. REESE® Towpower jacks are the most popular and extensive in the industry. Characterized by unmatched strength, reliability, and safety, there are several models to choose from. Our ergonomically designed top wind models provide easier cranking, by utilizing your most efficient muscles, while side wind handles provide a quick up and down action. Several models are available, including powered jacks that can handle up to 7,000 pounds. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Trailer Winches

Winches For On and Off the Road. REESE® Towpower manufactures zinc plated single- and two-speed manual trailer winches, with gears constructed of high carbon steel for exceptional corrosion resistance and a longer-lasting life. Different models can pull between 1,400 and 3,200 pounds. REESE® also manufactures a portable electric winch that can pull up to 2,000 pounds (6,000 pounds rolling, 5,000 pounds marine) and can be mounted on a trailer, flatbed or truck. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Trailer Braking

Make Sure Your Trailer Stops Even you Keep Going. When you’re towing a trailer with electric brakes and the vehicle and trailer become separated a breakaway system is designed to stop the trailer. In fact, most states require a breakaway system on trailer over a certain weight. REESE Towpower® offers a trailer braking system that allows you to instantly push a button to tell if the battery is fully charged and ready to handle the situation should the trailer become disconnected. The integrated multi-stage charger will quickly charge a battery to the optimum level and then reduces power to keep from damaging the battery by over-charging. And all of our units meet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!

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