Protect Your Valuables From Unwanted Tampering

When you first hit the open road, you're in the driver's seat and in control. But along the way, you may have to step away from your vehicle. That’s when you face the prospect of thieves unhitching and taking off with your entire trailer. REESE® Towpower takes towing security seriously. We manufacture a comprehensive line of security products, from basic pin and clip systems for securing bike racks and cargo carriers to trailer coupler locks, receiver hitch locks, cable locks and more. Whether you’re transporting your prized fishing boat or hauling a trailer full of draft horses to your ranch, REESE® Towpower makes sure the people and things that matter most to you make it to your destination safely.

REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!

See our Trailer Coupler Locks, Cable Locks, and Receiver Hitch Locks.

Receiver Hitch Locks

Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Trailer. Receiver locks keep your towing system and its components together until you unlock it. In fact, no one can unhitch your trailer when using a receiver and coupler lock combination. REESE® Towpower manufacturers several styles of receiver hitch locks to accommodate every class of towing equipment. Finishes include stainless steel, chrome and black nickel, and all locks come with two keys. Most designs also come with a rubber cap to keep dirt out of the key opening. For added security, our Professional line of receiver locks features a virtually pick-proof square key design. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing Security!

Pro Life Long

You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link. So We Eliminated It! Text to come. At REESE® Towpower, we test our products tough to ensure that you reach your destination safely. It’s also why we created a Professional line of locks to eliminate weaknesses and make theft virtually impossible. We manufacture a full line of towing and trailer locks, from receiver locks to cable locks. Our Professional series features the most theft resistant locks in the towing industry. Their superior strength is derived from a patented design that does not require shaft diameter reductions, which cause weak points, enabling thieves to break the lock shaft and escape with your trailer. Our square key design virtually eliminates lock picking and offers thousands of combinations to drastically reduce like (or common) key issue. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing Security!


Easy Access

Position Your Lock for Easy Access! REESE® Towpower Easy Access coupler and receiver locks feature 360-degree swivel heads which enable users to position the locks for easy access to the key slot. Each has a rust-resistant chrome finish and an integrated key slot cover that helps protect the lock from dirt. Keys include premium plastic grips. And now, introducing Easy Access II locks, which elevate the standard Easy Access locks to an even higher level of protection. Made from durable stainless steel for a long life, Easy Access II locks feature pick-proof square keys that offer the highest level of security. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing Security!



Trailer Coupler Locks

Protect Your Trailer When it’s Not in Tow. Protect your trailer from theft with trailer coupler locks. These locks come in handy when you want to drive your tow vehicle separate from your trailer. At a jobsite and want to leave your trailer behind while you go to lunch or head out for a missing part? Or you’ve hauled your trailer to your campsite, but need to run out for supplies. Coupler locks allow you to secure your trailer while you’re away. REESE® Towpower makes a variety of trailer and coupler locks for a verity of fits and applications. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing Security!

Cable Locks

Loop It, Lock It and Leave It! Secure your luggage, equipment and recreational vehicles with REESE® Towpower cable locks. Our cable locks are manufactured with a vinyl-coated steel cable that makes securing your valuable easy. A SureLok™ retractable cable system that can be bolted to your vehicle frame or mounted on your receiver hitch, truck stake, trailer or RV bumper is also available. Just extend the 15’ retractable steel cable and loop it through your ATVs, bikes, tools, generators, camping equipment or whatever you want to secure. Then lock it with the padlock that comes with the system. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing Security!

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