Secure and Protect Cargo and More with Ropes, Tarp Straps and Fasteners

From rope to secure your boat to the dock to ozone-resistant straps, clips and fasteners to help secure tarps on cars, trucks, campers and more, REESE® Secure offers a comprehensive line of securing accessories to tie down and protect your valuables.

REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

See our Ropes, Tarp Staps and Fasteners.


High Quality Ropes. Whether you’re looking to pull your ATV out of a ditch or hang your clothes out to dry, REESE® Secure offers a full line of ropes to meet any need. Our nylon, polypropylene, cotton and polyester ropes can handle a variety of applications from securing cargo to bow-to-stern towing. From lightweight, floating rope to secure your boat to its dock to shock-absorbing, rot-proof rope, we have ropes to handle every indoor and outdoor job you need to tackle. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

Tarp Straps

Secure Tarps, Canopies and More. REESE® Secure’s rubber tarp straps are the ideal solution for securing tarps with trucks, campers and more. Constructed of UV- and ozone-resistant EPDM material, our multi-purpose tarp straps will not rot or lose their stretch when exposed to the elements. Whatever you need to protect, REESE® Secure tarp straps make sure it stays covered. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.


You’ll Find Thousands of Practical Uses for Our Fasteners. . Fasteners are handy accessories. REESE® Secure has nylon cable ties in assorted lengths and strengths Use them to attach plants to stakes, secure holiday lights to your house, trees and bushes, or hold power cables together behind your audio, video and computer equipment. Our reusable hook and loop cable ties are great for wrapping cords, ropes, straps and more for easy storage. And our anodized aluminum carabiners have multiple uses, from clipping a flashlight or water bottle to your backpack or tool belt to keeping pet cages closed. You’ll find thousands of uses for our fasteners. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.