Cargo Securing

REESE® Secure is dedicated to helping you safely secure and protect your cargo during your travels. And whether you’re hauling lawn equipment, lumber or an ATV, everything needs to be properly secured. That’s why you can feel confident knowing our cargo securing products are manufactured to meet and exceed the needs of today’s consumer. From ratchet straps to cambuckles, you can count on REESE® Secure for the cargo securing accessories you need.

REESE® Secure: Performance Driven

See our Cable Pullers, Ratchet Straps, Surelok and Cambuckles.

Cable Pullers

Make pulling and tightening items a much easier task. Our design features drop-forged hooks and a heavy-duty cable. The double-gear ratchet and pawl provide maximum pulling power for tasks like moving heavy equipment and objects or tightening of fencing. The non-slip rubber grip handle delivers maximum control and comfort. An easy thumb control release gives the user the confidence for full control at the end of the task. Ideal for use in landscaping, farming, and in the garage or work shop. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

Ratchet Straps

Secure Cargo with Superior Strength Ratchet Straps. Known for their super strong holding power, ratchet straps have very little stretch, so they tighten down with vise-like gripping power. Ratchet straps allow for precise tension adjustment to secure all loads. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.


Light Duty

Secure Light Loads, Like Luggage and Kayaks. Light duty ratchet straps are perfect for securing light cargo. Anything under 330 pounds is considered light cargo – luggage, lawn mower, a tailgating cooler, just to name a few. REESE® Secure manufactures ratchet straps that are perfect for jobs like these –featuring coated steel hooks for a secure hold of your cargo. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

Super Duty

Super Duty Straps Secure Loads up to 3,300 Pounds. REESE® Secure manufactures super duty ratchet straps, capable of handling loads up to 3,330 pounds. We provide you with that added security when hauling heavy or large loads. From the field to the lumber yard, REESE® Secure has the solution you are looking for and the quality you trust. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.



Easy-to-Use Surelok® Tie Downs. If you’re looking for a quick and reliable way to tie down a motorcycle, wave runner or other valuable cargo, REESE® Secure’s Surelok® tie downs combine the ease of use of a cambuckle with the superior holding power of a ratchet. Surelok® tie downs are 6’ in length and use leverage to double the holding force of a cambuckle. And they’re easy to buckle. Just pull the strap snug and flip the latch. They won’t slip, and they can’t be over tightened, so they won’t damage vehicles or cargo. Surelok® cambuckles feature heavy-duty secure S-hooks that are coated to prevent marring and scratching. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.


Keep Cargo Safe and Secure. REESE® Secure manufactures cambuckles in light, standard and heavy duty strengths to tie down cargo ranging from 300 to 830 pounds. Cambuckles are quick and easy to use. Just press, pull tight, and you’re on your way – making them ideal for short trips with light loads. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

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