Turn the Roof of Your Car into a Storage Solution

We’ve all been on that family road trip: the one where the backseat and floor space are so crammed with overflow luggage, your passengers – even the short ones – can’t fully extend their legs. Unfortunately, you can’t leave one of your kids at home to make room for an extra suitcase. But thanks to REESE® Explore’s sturdy family of roof carriers, you can now find that much-needed space in a long-overlooked place: outside your vehicle.  We manufacture rooftop cross bars that mount to side rails, adjust to your roof’s width then secure to side rails with the rail grab. These bars are a great alternative to expensive factory or aftermarket accessories.  And our rooftop basket carrier can accommodate a lot of gear, from sleeping bags to collapsible chairs.  Mount the carrier onto the cross bars then load, secure and go.  And not to be forgotten are our rooftop bags, which based on their construction, will work with side rails, cross bars or both. The type of bag you select will depend on amount of gear you have and the type of protection from the elements you are seeking.  Our line of rooftop products, bars, carriers and bags are engineered for short excursions or long road trips.  If owning quality products at an affordable price is your goal, look for REESE® Explore Rooftop carriers.  

REESE® Explore: For Every Adventure!

See our Cross Bars, Boxes, Baskets, Bags and Accessories.

Cross Bars

Secure and Haul What Won’t Fit in Your Car! If you’ve ever looked at your vehicle and wished it had more cargo room, cross bars can be your answer. Also referred to as car roof bars and roof rack bars, they facilitate carrying equipment or cargo that you don’t want taking up valuable space in your vehicle. Cross bars make it possible to attach u-bolted accessories such as cargo boxes, baskets or carrier for specific gear like kayaks and skis. They are truly the foundation for rooftop accessories. Without them the carriers have nothing to grab.  A great alternative to custom fit bars, our cross bars work with most raised side rails. REESE® Explore: For Every Adventure!



A Tough Cargo Basket!  Built for Durability and Made to Last. Free up room in your vehicle by packing your gear into a roof cargo basket. REESE® Explore manufactures sturdy steel rooftop cargo baskets for transporting gear safely and securely on your roof rack.  Our basket is easy to assemble and through the use of u-bolts, mounts to your vehicles cross bars.  Its angular wind shield makes the basket more aerodynamic by resisting drag. REESE® Explore:  For Every Adventure!


Roof Carrier Bags

Expand Your Storage Space with Collapsible Rooftop Bags. Double your storage and free up space in your vehicle with a rooftop cargo bag. REESE® Explore’s rainproof and weather resistant soft-sided rooftop carriers attach easily to your roof rack. Less expensive than hard shell roof box carriers, they easily fold for storage when not in use. And if the amount of gear you’re carrying changes all the time consider an expandable bag that provides extra storage space only when you need it.  Fasten to your roofs side rails and/or cross bars, load the bag and your ready to go. REESE® Explore:  For Every Adventure!


Our roof top accessories are designed to improve transporting gear on your roof by protecting your vehicle and your cargo. Mats and pads guard against abrasion and scratches. REESE® Explore:  For Every Adventure!

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