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REESE® Towpower manufactures towing and trailering accessories that securely attach your trailer to your vehicle, keep it balanced and level, and brake, without incident. We’re dedicated to making sure you and your cargo arrive safely at your destination. Every REESE® accessory is designed to withstand the rigorous forces of hauling and continues to be the first choice among professionals.

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  • Breakaway Switch with LED Indicator Light

    Breakaway Switch with LED Indicator LightBreakaway Switch with LED Indicator LightBreakaway Switch with LED Indicator LightBreakaway Switch with LED Indicator Light

    Part Number: 8507311

    Product Description
    This REESE Towpower trailer breakaway switch features an LED indicator to confirm the switch is actively functioning. The nylon coated lanyard keeps rust from running down the side of the trailer. Breakaway switches are part of the system that is designed to apply the brakes in the event that the trailer becomes disconnected from the tow vehicle's hitch while in motion. This type of device is required in many States and Provinces as a safety precaution. Emergency use only, not to be used to lock brakes when parked or stored.


    • Mounts to flat surface on frame
    • Weather-proof design
    • LED confirms completed circuit
    • Rubber ring on plunger keeps out moisture
    • Nylon pin assembly


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