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Vehicle reflectors are required by law and ensure that your trailer, camper, truck and more can safely be seen at night. REESE® Towpower manufactures several types and sizes to meet your needs. We have circular, oblong and rectangular stick-on reflectors that will adhere to any clean surface; as well reflectors housed in rust-proof aluminum casings. We also have rolls and strips of reflective conspicuity tape that are thin and flexible and able to adhere to non-flat surfaces. Our 36” driveway markers come on corrosion-resistant plated steel mounting poles and are perfect for helping you safely navigate in and out of your driveway after dark.

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  • Conspicuity Tape / Reflective Strips

    Conspicuity Tape / Reflective StripsConspicuity Tape / Reflective StripsConspicuity Tape / Reflective Strips

    Part Number: 73886

    Product Description
    The REESE Towpower reflective conspicuity tape is designed to be detected and reflect light the longest sight distance possible. It is pre-cut to 2 inches wide and 18 inches long. 4 strips come in every packaged, the product is very flexible for an easy, stick-on application, great for wherever extra visibility is desired for safety. Rest assured REESE Towpower lighting products comply with Department of Transportation requirements.


    • 4 - 18 inch strips per package
    • Longest sight detection distance
    • Thin and flexible for easy application
    • Withstands high-pressure washing and resists edge lift
    • Continues to reflect even after impact


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