Clearance Lights

Depending on the size of your trailer, federal lighting requirements may require front and rear clearance lights. Trailer clearance lights mark the outer edges of the trailer and the height of the goes on the lower rear and side parts of your trailer, alerting other drivers to its presence. They also give you extra side lighting, so when you’re towing your trailer at night, you can see the back. REESE® Towpower offers many styles of incandescent and LED clearance lighting, including basic oblong, teardrop, armored and grommet styles. Varying features include compatibility with 12V systems, drain holes, easily replaceable bulbs, reflector optics that eliminate the need for separate vehicle reflectors, non-corrosive chrome plating and the ability to withstand the elements. Regardless of the lights you choose, rest assured that all REESE® Towpower lighting products comply with Department of Transportation requirements.

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