Trailers require electrical hook-ups that make towing safer for you and others on the road. In fact, while each state has its own laws and regulations governing everything from size limits to weight restrictions, the one thing they all have in common is that your trailer must be wired for tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. This is accomplished by connecting your trailer to your vehicle’s electric system. Unfortunately, not all trailer electrical wiring is compatible with the wires of your car, truck, van or SUV. Fortunately, REESE® Towpower manufactures a full line of trailer electrical components for everything you need to get your trailer lights up and running for safe towing. We manufacture T-Connectors, wiring converters, wiring connectors, adapters, brake controls and more to make towing safe for you and the drivers around you. Best of all, our products install quickly and easily with simple do-it-yourself instructions.

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  • Tail Light Converter

    Tail Light ConverterTail Light ConverterTail Light ConverterTail Light Converter

    Part Number: 8507900

    Product Description
    The REESE Towpower tail light converter is ideal when needing to convert the vehicle wire system to match that of a standard trailer. The unit is rated for up to 2.1 A for turn/stop circuits and 7.5 A for tail light circuits. It is design to function on systems with LED or incandescent lights. The unit comes with a standard 4-Flat connector pre-molded onto the wires for a weather-tight connection. In addition an attached dust cover reduces exposure to the elements of the electrical pin terminals.


    • Adapts import and domestic vehicles with separate turn and stop lights (3 wire system) to standard trailer tail light wiring (2 wire system)
    • Designed to work with most LED and incandescent bulbs on vehicle or trailer
    • The unit is rated for up to 2.1 amps for Turn/Stop circuits and 7.5 amps for Tail light circuit
    • Adhesive back for easy mounting
    • Will work with most vehicles that have multi-plex systems for lighting


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