Class V

Whether you’re hauling hay bales or bricks, when it comes to heavy loads, you want to know that your towing equipment is up to the task. REESE® Towpower Class V ball mounts come in a variety of styles, with different lengths, rise and drop to work with a wide range of trailers. Superior strength is built into every REESE® Towpower Class V ball mount. Built tough for unparalleled strength, REESE’s heaviest duty ball mounts fight rust and corrosion with MetalShield™, a superior coating for years of protection from the elements... REESE® Towpower new Class V Interlock Ball Mounts, featuring the One Wrench Tightening system that allows for one-handed tightening. A breakthrough when compared to the traditional dual wrench flat hitch ball design, which required two hands, two wrenches! Simply align the hex shapes of the Interlock hitch ball into the hex on the bar and tighten. It’s that easy!

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