Ball Mounts

No towing system is complete without the right hitch ball mount. REESE® Towpower is fundamentally changing the approach to ball mounts with an innovative and patent pending line of products. REESE® manufactures many different ball mounts, so you can choose the right fit, based on your vehicle type, towing capacity, trailer and load size, along with the height of your hitch. Each trailer hitch ball mount is dipped in a zinc-phosphate based coating for maximum protection against rust and corrosion, even in the most "hard to fill" places. Then it is coated again with a powder coat for TWO layers of superior protection. Manufactured for maximum strength and safety, REESE® Towpower Carbon Forged ball mounts stand apart from the competition. They’re made to last and are 100,000-mile road tested in rigorous simulations. We’ve pioneered the development of innovations like the Interlock™ One Wrench Tightening System which has become standard across most of our offering. Simply align the hex shapes of the Interlock hitch ball into the hex on the bar and tighten. It’s that easy!

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