REESE® Secure manufactures cambuckles in light, standard and heavy duty strengths to tie down cargo ranging from 300 to 830 pounds. Cambuckles are quick and easy to use. Just press, pull tight, and you’re on your way – making them ideal for short trips with light loads.

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  • 1 In. x 6 Ft. Cambuckle With Tightening Loop

    1 In. x 6 Ft. Cambuckle With Tightening Loop1 In. x 6 Ft. Cambuckle With Tightening Loop

    Part Number: 9429500

    Product Description
    REESE Secure cambuckle with tightening loop is engineered to ensure that your cargo stays safe and secure. Cambuckles are ideal for transporting light weight items. The soft loop end provides a fast and easy way to tighten the cambuckle with more force than regular cambuckles. Just press, pull tight and you'll be on your way.


    • 1 In. wide webbing
    • 6 Ft. of webbing
    • 430 Lb. Working load
    • Releases instantly with thumb pressure
    • Pre-threaded for easier use


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