Bungee Cords

From keeping raccoons out of your garbage cans to securing your trunk lid, they have hundreds of uses and come in a number of sizes and strengths. REESE® Secure manufactures standard, triple-strength and industrial bungee cords. We also make Fat straps, flat bungees designed to prevent sliding and distribute pressure evenly across your cargo. Use a bungee cord to attach a tarp over your cargo. You can bundle items, like tent poles or plastic tubing or wrap cords, hoses and chains for easy storage or transport.

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  • 48 In. Industrial Grade Bungee Cord

    48 In. Industrial Grade Bungee Cord

    Part Number: 9526400

    Product Description
    REESE Secure Industrial Grade bungee cords are heavy duty and designed for contractor grade applications. These bungee cords feature a dichromate, corrosion resistant hook with rubber tip to prevent scratching.


    • 10MM thick cord for greater tension
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Polypropylene covered cord
    • Engineered with pride to the highest specifications in the USA
    • Black


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