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We’ve all been on that family road trip: the one where the backseat and floor space are so crammed with overflow luggage, your passengers – even the short ones – can’t fully extend their legs. Unfortunately, you can’t leave one of your kids at home to make room for an extra suitcase. But thanks to REESE® Explore’s sturdy family of roof carriers, you can now find that much-needed space in a long-overlooked place: outside your vehicle. We manufacture rooftop cross bars that mount to side rails, adjust to your roof’s width then secure to side rails with the rail grab. These bars are a great alternative to expensive factory or aftermarket accessories. And our rooftop basket carrier can accommodate a lot of gear, from sleeping bags to collapsible chairs. Mount the carrier onto the cross bars then load, secure and go. And not to be forgotten are our rooftop bags, which based on their construction, will work with side rails, cross bars or both. The type of bag you select will depend on amount of gear you have and the type of protection from the elements you are seeking. Our line of rooftop products, bars, carriers and bags are engineered for short excursions or long road trips. If owning quality products at an affordable price is your goal, look for REESE® Explore Rooftop carriers.

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  • 12- 16 Cubic. Ft. Rainproof, Expandable Cargo Bag

    12- 16 Cubic. Ft. Rainproof, Expandable Cargo Bag12- 16 Cubic. Ft. Rainproof, Expandable Cargo Bag12- 16 Cubic. Ft. Rainproof, Expandable Cargo Bag12- 16 Cubic. Ft. Rainproof, Expandable Cargo Bag

    Part Number: 1391800

    Product Description
    The REESE Explore Expandable roof top carrier is the stylish way to add cargo space to any vehicle with roof racks. This rooftop bag is easy to use, easy to load and easy to get the perfect fit with an expandable zipper increasing the carrying capacity. The less extra space in the bag ensures a quiet ride and a better looking alternative in rooftop storage. The perfect bag for long trips and adventures!


    • Sporty and stylish way to carry cargo and gear
    • Attaches to all vehicles with side rails or cross bars
    • Easy to expand and easy to anchor down for an aerodynamic fit
    • Water resistant material
    • Great way to expand what can be carried on road trips


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