On The Go Vehicle Storage Solutions Offers New Years Organization Tips


SOLON, OH – The average American spends roughly 600 hours in their car in a year, and it usually shows. Toys, books, sports equipment, gym bags, empty bottles and trash take up too much space and never seem to go away no matter how much cleaning is done.

Highland On the Go Vehicle Storage Solutions has some helpful tips to keep your car clean and organized, a great way to start the New Year:

Problem 1: Children get bored easily during daily trips or on long car rides.

Solution: Highland’s Back Seat Activity Center is an all-in-one solution for daily outings or long road trips with detachable DVD storage and a trash bag. Perfect to bring a portable DVD player and portable gaming systems to keep children entertained on long car rides. The unique storage area keeps gaming systems hidden from view and the latch system keeps the Activity Center secure to seats. The Back Seat Activity Center also doubles as a great back seat divider. Side pocket storage is great for holding books, magazines or games.

Problem 2: The trunk of the family car is a virtual black hole of stuff. Digging through is a time consuming task and parents always end up getting their work clothes dirty while frantically searching for the children toys and sports equipment.

Solution: Highland’s Trunk Organizer is ideal for active families and virtually eliminates trunk or cargo clutter. Great for dividing and organizing groceries, sports gear and toys, it also comes with three reusable storage bags and labels to keep everything neat and easily accessible. The Bumper Cover protects clothing from grime when reaching into the trunk.

Problem 3: The family car resembles a garbage dump, especially the backseat. Stains from sticky fingers and crumbs add to the overall “ick” factor.

Solution: Highland’s Car Trash Bag Keeper keeps trash where it belongs, in the trash! Intelligently designed to attach under the headrest of the front seat, the Car Trash Bag Keeper stays in sight and reach of little hands. The durable liner can be easily cleaned, and the zipper closure keeps any foul smells trapped on the inside.

Highland’s Cleanliness Caddy Seat Organizer keeps antibacterial hand sanitizers, wipes and tissues organized, easy to find and conveniently stored in one place in the car. This car organizer caddy is an essential accessory for parents, families, pet owners, athletes and people who work out of their car. No assembly needed and where it is stored can be customized to each vehicle depending on where there is open space.

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