REESE® Towpower Helps You Get Connected

Trailers require electrical hook-ups that make towing safer for you and others on the road. In fact, while each state has its own laws and regulations governing everything from size limits to weight restrictions, the one thing they all have in common is that your trailer must be wired for tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. This is accomplished by connecting your trailer to your vehicle’s electric system. Unfortunately, not all trailer electrical wiring is compatible with the wires of your car, truck, van or SUV. Fortunately, REESE® Towpower manufactures a full line of trailer electrical components for everything you need to get your trailer lights up and running for safe towing. We manufacture T-Connectors, wiring converters, wiring connectors, adapters, brake controls and more to make towing safe for you and the drivers around you. Best of all, our products install quickly and easily with simple do-it-yourself instructions.

REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!

See our Brake Controls, Connectors, Adapters, T-Connectors and Converters.

Brake Controls

REESE® Towpower Brake With Confidence. REESE® Towpower electric trailer brake controls supplies power from your vehicle to your trailer's brakes so the vehicle does not do all the work. Our brake controls are designed for use with one to four axle systems. These units meet all National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA/DOT) regulations regarding tow vehicle/trailer stoplight activation. Our electric trailer brake controls are available in digital and non-digital models as well as proportional and time base styles. The pre-assembled wire harnesses offers simple hook-up and quick disconnect. Their ease of operation and innovative design features make them the perfect choices for your towing needs. Make sure you check out our selection of brake controllers and choose the one that meets your needs before you hit the road. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Plug In Your Trailer. REESE® Towpower manufactures a full line of trailer electrical connectors to plug your trailer into your tow vehicle's electric system. For more than 70 years, we’ve supplied connectors to the towing industry, original equipment manufacturers, and even the military, so you can rest assured that our products are top-of-the-line when it comes to quality and safety. Our 4-way flat connectors are primarily for light duty trailers that require only limited lighting functions like right and left turn signals, stop and tail lights. We also manufacture 5-way flat connectors where a fifth wire hooks up to your backup lights. This allows you to deactivate the hydraulic surge brakes on your boat trailer when your vehicle is in reverse, so you can back up your trailer without locking the brakes. REESE® Towpower also manufactures a Professional Series 6-way pin connector and a 7-way blade connector for medium to heavy duty trailers – the preferred connector for the towing and RV industries. Our comprehensive line of connector products also includes mounting brackets; 4-way testers to check your vehicle’s lighting circuit; and a polarized connector to connect 12V accessories. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Easily Establish a Connection. When your trailer’s wiring system is different from that of your vehicle, REESE® Towpower trailer electrical adapters allow you to quickly convert the wiring to make it compatible with your vehicle’s existing connector. We have many different adapter styles and features to choose from to meet your needs … basic adapters … adapters with built-in back up alarms that are activated when your vehicle is in reverse … units with built-in LED circuit testers that instantly check for connectivity. Our rugged Professional Series construction will offer years of trouble-free service. Best of all, our compact designs allow for convenient storage when not being used to pull your trailer. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Custom Fit T-Connectors Plug Into Your Vehicle’s Wiring. REESE® Towpower offers the largest most complete line of plug in T-Connectors – the easiest and fastest way to add an electrical connector to the back of your vehicle to handle the lighting requirements of a trailer. Our T-Connectors feature solid, weather-proof, one-piece construction and plug directly into your vehicle’s existing wiring, so no splicing or taping of wires is required. Simply locate your vehicle's wiring harness connector, located behind the tail lights. Unplug the connection and insert the T-Connector into the vehicle's harness. No special tools are required. Just click on the button below to find the T-Connector that best fits the make and model of your vehicle. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!


Adapt Your Vehicle to Standard Trailer Light Wiring. Sometimes a converter is needed to get the vehicle’s wiring system to match the trailers system and adding trailer lights can increase the strain on your vehicle's electrical system. Fortunately, REESE® Towpower offers a comprehensive line of tail light converters capable of meeting standard, powered, circuit protected, heavy duty and even multi-plex systems. The model you use depends on your towing vehicle and the type of trailer you aim to tow.  Most of our converters will function with either traditional incandescent bulbs or the newer and more popular LED lights found on today's vehicles and trailers. REESE® Towpower manufactures trailer tail light converters that adapt domestic and foreign vehicles with separate turn and stop lights (a 3-wire system) to standard trailer tail light wiring (a 2-wire system). We also manufacture converters that power a trailer’s stop, turn and tail lights directly from your tow vehicle’s battery. Some vehicles have electrical systems that are not designed to handle the power needs of a trailer, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual for recommendations. REESE® Towpower: Number one in Towing!