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From keeping raccoons out of your garbage cans to securing your trunk lid, they have hundreds of uses and come in a number of sizes and strengths. REESE® Secure manufactures standard, triple-strength and industrial bungee cords. We also make Fat straps, flat bungees designed to prevent sliding and distribute pressure evenly across your cargo. Use a bungee cord to attach a tarp over your cargo. You can bundle items, like tent poles or plastic tubing or wrap cords, hoses and chains for easy storage or transport.

REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

See our Triple Strength, Standard, Fat Straps and Industrial.

Triple Strength

Triple-Strength Bungee Cords: Their Uses Are Endless! . There are thousands of uses for triple-strength bungee cords. Secure coolers, camping and fishing gear on the back of your truck. REESE® Secure makes triple-strength bungees with high-strength steel hooks that are three times stronger than conventional hooks. Our coated steel hooks won’t bend, break, scratch and they’re color-coded, so you can quickly identify the cord length you need. Made to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, REESE® Secure’s versatile triple-strength bungee cords range in length from 18’ to 52’ and are sold separately, in bulk and in packaged assortments. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.


A Standard Bungee to Secure Your Cargo. When you’re looking for a quick and easy way to secure or bundle items, bungee cords will get the job done. Use them to keep light weight items from shifting in your vehicle or to secure tarps and canopies. They’re also great for bundling hoses, electrical cords and chains. REESE® Secure manufactures multi-strand, top quality bungee cords in lengths ranging from 6” to 40”. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.



Fat Straps

The Original Fat Strap Bungee. REESE® Secure Fat Strap bungee cords are quick and easy to use. Four times as strong as traditional bungee cords, they feature multi-strand rubber cords for superior strength with coated steel hooks. The REESE® Secure Fat Strap features a flat design allowing for pressure to be evenly distributed across a wide band, so it won’t damage or dig into your cargo. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.



Industrial Bungee Cords Are Perfect for Outdoor Use. REESE® Secure manufactures industrial-grade bungee cords that feature a thick cord for greater tension and superior strength. Protected with weather-resistant polypropylene cord covers, they feature corrosion-resistant dichromate hooks that are rubber-tipped to prevent scratches. Industrial grade bungee cords range from 18” to 48” and are sold separately, in multi-packs or assortment packs. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven!

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