Give Your Bike a Ticket to Ride … Somewhere Else!

Let’s face it: You can only do so many laps around your neighborhood before the scenery gets old. It’s time to hit a beach boardwalk or nature trail. Or maybe you need to get your bike to a big race in another city. REESE® Explore bike racks are the ultimate solution for getting you and your wheels to your destination.  We offer two-, three- and four-bike racks configured for different mounting applications.  We have hitch-mounted racks as well as trunk-mounted models which are ideal for vehicles without hitches. Either way, you can securely transport your bike to your riding destination while bringing friends and family along. And if you are transporting both adult and children’s bikes or a bike frame without a horizontal top tube, consider our SportWing bike racks. They are adjustable and accommodate different bike geometries by securely holding the bikes by their wheels not by the frame.

REESE® Explore: For Every Adventure!

See our Trunk Mount Bike Rack and Hitch Bike.

Trunk Mount Bike Rack

When Your Two-Wheel Bike Won’t Fit in Your Four Wheel Vehicle. So you have a vehicle without a hitch, and your bike won’t fit in the trunk, what do you do? We have the answer. Use a trunk-mount bike rack. Designed to transport bikes on the back of your car, a trunk-mount rack will hold your bikes securely outside your vehicle leaving more space inside for friends and gear. These racks are designed to protect your bike with molded cradles as well as your vehicle with protective padding on the frame. REESE® Explore bike racks hold 1, 2 or up to 3 bikes with our trunk mount carriers. Lightweight, easy to load and secure with attachment straps and hooks. Remove when not in use and store until your next excursion. REESE® Explore: For Every Adventure!

Hitch Bike Rack

Tired of Spinning Your Wheels? Why take your bike apart and squeeze it IN your car, when it can hitch a ride out back?   REESE® Explore has two hitch-mount bike racks that work with 1 ¼” or 2” receivers and four hitch-mount bike racks for a 2” receiver.  Our racks are heavy duty and designed to protect your bikes with extra padding, cradles and securing straps.  They are also designed with convenience in mind, making loading, and unloading a simple process. REESE® Explore: For Every Adventure!


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