Secure it the Right Way

When you’re securing down equipment and other cargo on your trailer or truck, you need anchor points – places to tie or hook your tie downs in order to secure them. Secure it the right way with REESE® Secure’s high-quality anchor points. We have a variety of mounting options available: recessed, surface mount and truck bed anchors that fit right into the stake pockets of your truck. We also offer a selection of movable side rail anchor points which can be used anywhere along your truck or trailer’s side rail. You can count on REESE® Secure for all our anchor mounting needs.

REESE® Secure: Performance Driven

See our Recessed Mount, Surface Mount and Stake Pocket.

Recessed Mount

Recessed Anchors Lay Flat When Not in Use. Recessed anchors have rings that fold away when not in use and can be mounted flush to your trailer, truck or van. REESE® Secure manufactures recessed anchors that can be used to tie down cargo loads of up to 5,000 pounds. Recessed anchors keep anchor rings from catching on or damaging cargo, when loading and unloading. And when you need to mount them on the floor of your trailer or vehicle, the fold-away feature keeps you from tripping over the rings. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven.

Surface Mount

Tie Down Cargo to Sturdy Surface Mount Anchors. Surface mount trailer and truck anchors provide easy access points to secure cargo with, rope, cambuckles, ratchet straps and other tie downs. REESE® Secure’s large selection of high quality anchor points includes stainless steel truck grip handles, pop-up anchors that remain flush when not in use and spring up with the touch of a button also chrome cleats that fold down flat into a recessed top plate. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven!

Stake Pocket

Anchors That Fit Your Truck. Add a tie down point to your truck with easy-to-install anchors that fit right into the stake pockets of your truck. Stake pocket anchors don’t require a drill for installation. They snap into place with just a few twists and turns, creating a safe and secure tie down attachment to secure your cargo. REESE® Secure: Performance Driven


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